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Modular Kitchen

What can we say about a glass that you have no idea? It is brilliant and easy to care for. D'LOUNGE offers a wide selection of different glass doors, SAINT GOBAIN gloss glass in a variety of colour options, to contrasting finishes with a metal handle in stainless steel-effect, perfect for elegant, premium kitchens. HARDWOOD doors are a popular choice for creating a subtle and sophisticated design with the feel of smooth, refined luxury. Easy maintenance and resistant to fingerprints, make it an elegant and of an exceptional quality product. Teak and oak are used for various finishes. Opt for a handle less door with gola profile making it a truly contemporary kitchen. The clean, precise lines epitomize seamless style and can reinforce the sense of space with no fixtures or fittings to protrude or distract from a striking overall look. D'LOUNGE offers modular kitchen services in Kochi including a varied selection of ceramic finishes, creating an astounding look to your kitchen. The ceramic surfaces ensure the perfect and lasting appearance. At D'LOUNGE our PU doors are sanded and polished five times and that’s our technique that produces an amazingly smooth finish and shine, providing you with perfect reflections. Our doors are available in gloss and matte. Real wood is the perfect material to make your kitchen with a natural touch in it. The surfaces are protected by different layers of high-quality polish, making it highly dirt resistant. Laminates are preferred for frequently used areas, such as worktops, window sills and kitchen doors. The material is robust and very long-lasting.

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