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Artisan Furniture

When D'LOUNGE was founded, the first production designs were influenced by the Scandinavian furniture which was then popular. The Continental design from the twenties with its emphasis on materials is functionally evident in the furniture. Our mission was to introduce new pieces to the range and bring fresh ideas to staple items, resulted in the furniture being characterized by solidity and strong, simple forms which allow the beauty of the woods to speak out in the language of artisan furniture. At D’LOUNGE, furniture revolution named TEAKOAK, we continue to assess and refresh the range of furniture and designs and have also updated the use of computer and other design technologies, to enable the quick and efficient turnaround of designs for customers. We give priority to environmentally friendly designs. We use teak, mahagony and oak with different finishes to give our designs a unique look and finish. Our furniture is designed and made with at most care and detail. Clients can choose from different finishes and models as displayed on our website and showroom.

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