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Interior Designers

Our company has a growing reputation in the interior design industry in South India. We offer a bespoke service to the residential sector, working closely with a discerning clientele, who desire something beyond the services offered by standard interior design companies. We set very high standards for ourselves and anyone who works alongside us, in the creation of the perfect interior and that makes the best home interiors in Kochi. Our unique philosophy and the care and attention to detail we offer place us in a category of our own. We have many plans for the future and would like to be known as a company that exists for people who appreciate innovation and personal attention, whilst also being at the cutting edge of style and quality in the 21st Century. Meter by meter we create new worlds. With trees growing in a living room and lamps in the size of a man. Where the bathroom is made like a glass box and tiles are repeated the form of a bird-like pattern. We think that things have to amaze. We make the art look pleasing to look at and also to live in. Our designs are a limited collection of furniture and decor. Each lamp, chair or any decor is handcrafted and custom-designed. By people for people.

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